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About this Site

As noted on the main page, the purpose of this web site is to allow those who have never heard of, or had access to a copy of the book, or could not afford a copy, to have access to its rich contents.

We've tried to stay as true to the original presentation of the book's contents as we could, including keeping the old English spellings of words, but as the books original two column presentation doesn't work well on a web site, we chose to go with a single column. In addition, we've standardized the placement of the Born/Died sections to the top of every page. To enhance readability, we're indenting all quotes, which help to break up some of the book's longer paragraphs, and removed the spacing between the last letter of a word in a sentence and any punctuation marks.

While we feel just putting the book's contents on-line is a worthy enough endeavor, we hope you'll find the indexes worth the effort. As we didn't have anything to hyperlink to for the first few months,  the number of links in those pages is sparse, as the scanning advanced, we've hade more and more things to hyperlink back to, so the more recent pages reflect what we hope the the final look and feel of the site will be. This year our goal is to get the book up and 50% of the indices completed. We'll spend 2005 refining the indices and we reread the original pages we posted and hyperlink them to the later pages.. 

While at first blush we might seem out of our minds attempt to scan in a 1700 page book and convert it into text, we do have our reason, we needed more good, clean, thoughtful, content for our our home web site,

A few years back, we added a humor section to the web site, nothing special, but within a few months, it nearly tripled our daily visitor count.  A year later, we added a garden section, again, nothing special, just the weekly articles of our master gardeners, and once again, the daily site visitor count jumped. Today, the web site our little community of 2200 draws in over 7000 visitors a day. 

Adding The Book of Days is just the next stage.

If you go there, you'll note that the first entry under the Interesting and Creative Articles section is a link to a topic on this site. So by scanning in the book, we have created a resource of interesting content that we can mine for the enjoyment as well as enlightenment of our visitors for years to come.

In recognition that other community web sites also share our need for a steady supply of clean content, we offer all, free of charge, the following script which will write a hyperlinked title of the currently selected topic on the page it is placed.

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Again, to see how it works, click on the link on

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