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Folklore in Video Games: 3 of the Best Examples

Folklore has influenced almost all aspects of modern pop culture from short stories, novels, and comics to theatre, movies, and video games. It has not always been the most accurate representation, which in turn has resulted in both the evolution and devolution of the core stories, aka folklore, that inspired the modern creations. Focusing on both aspects, the following three are some of the best examples.

Online Slots Themed in Folklore

There are so many different online slots themed in folklore and there is not much to differentiate between the best of them in terms of the theme�s implementation. Therefore, placing just one title above the rest would be incorrect. So, instead, here are five popular online slot games themed in five different folklores:

  • � 5 Dragons Online Slot by Triple-Profit Game, themed in ancient Chinese folklore.
  • � Age of the Gods Norse, a series of progressive online slots by Playtech, each themed in Norse folklore and mythology.
  • � Achilles Deluxe Online Slot by Real Time Gaming, based on the mythical Greek hero and the Trojan War.
  • � Apsaras Online Slot by CQ9 Gaming, based on folklore surrounding Buddhism.
  • � Aztec Temple Treasures Online Slot by Microgaming, based on the mythical mysticism surrounding the Aztec culture.

If you are interested in playing any folklore-themed slots mentioned here or anywhere else, it is recommended to be careful with where you play. For safety and better bonuses, find the most reliable online casinos in Australia at

Age of Mythology by Ensemble Studios

Age of Mythology from 2002 is the only fantasy/folklore themed game in the long running series of real time strategy games published under Microsoft Game Studio. However, Age of Mythology has remained one of the most played real time strategy games in the genre even after 21 years since it was first released.

In fact, the game�s popularity compelled Microsoft Game Studios to remaster Age of Mythology and rerelease it with improved visuals in 2014. After an additional expansion pack was added for the re-released version called Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon in 2016, Chinese folklore was added to the mix, in addition to the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythologies that were already in the original game.

Okami by Clover Studio

Okami is often cited as one of the best games on the PlayStation 2 that very few people picked up. Based entirely on Japanese folklore surrounding Shinto, Okami is an action-adventure game in third-person view. The player controls a white wolf, who is an incarnation of the sun goddess Amaterasu, fighting the forces of chaos and darkness in exact forms as described in Shinto folklore.

Clover Studio introduced a new mechanics in the genre with the help of an in-game paint brush called the "Celestial Brush." Since its first release in 2006, Okami has been remastered and re-released in HD several times for multiple consoles over the years. As of 2023, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even Windows have a version of Okami HD for players to enjoy.